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Sherwood WD-1

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Key Feature

– WiFi-Direct Built-in

– Free Sherwood Application for both iOS and Android

– Graphic OSD

– Internet Radio (vTuner)

– 1 Lan(Ethernet) Input

– 1 HDMI Output / 1 Optical Output

– Mini USB Input for Firmware Upgrade


General Feature

– Remote Controller

– Color Availability : Black

– Dimension (WxHxD) : 110x32x110mm

– Weight : 0.5Kg


1. Application

– The initial password is “1234567890”. (You can check and change it on the setting

– it is applicable for 2.3.3 ginger bread (Android) or higher version, iOS 5.0 (Apple)
or higher version.

– Background play is supported only for Android.

– When this application is not working properly, please off the application completely
and re-access.

– If you want to use Power on / off function in the Application, please ‘On’ the
Network Standby control setup status.


[How to set up ‘ON’ mode]

1) R-807 : Setup-System setup – Set up the ‘On’ mode for Network Standby Control

2) WD-1 : Turn on the WD-1. Press the ‘SETUP’ button for 3 seconds on the Remote

On mode will be indicated by flickering front LED twice. If front LED flickers thrice,
it will be an ‘OFF’ mode.


– MP3 ID3 tag that is not encoded to ASCII or UTF-8 may not readable.


2. Internet Radio

– Ethernet should be connected with the Set.

– Favorite function will be operated by mode key on the Remote controller

– Please refer to ‘vTuner homepage’ for more information.


3. Media Server

– Ethernet should be connected with the Set.

– R-807/WD-1 support Renderer function only. Not available for Controller/Server

– Windows Media Player 11 is operated as a Server only

– Windows Media Player 12 can control it directly. Selecting / Transferring / playing
the media are available.


4. Setting menu

– Smart Phones that support WiFi Direct : Setup-DirectAV set-Wi-Fi direct

– Smart Phones that do not support WiFi Direct : Setup-DirectAV Set-Soft AP hotspot


5. Update

– Please save the update Firmware file at Root Folder on your USB storage

– If you fail to update, compulsorily reboot the set and retry.

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